The BRAIN Foundation Synchrony Symposia

Synchrony 2023 - Save the Date

The BRAIN Foundation Synchrony Symposium 2023 will be taking place between 1-3 December 2023.

It will be an in-person event in Pleasanton, California.

For more information in due course visit Synchrony website

What is Synchrony?

Synchrony is an annual, international symposium on breakthrough medical research for the development of FDA-approved treatments for health conditions and core impairments found most commonly in people with autism and developmental disabilities. An interdisciplinary forum for the brightest minds to collaborate and innovate.

What is its goal?

The goal of the BRAIN Foundation and Synchrony Symposia is to catalyze scientific research that can improve the quality of life for those with neurological disorders and developmental disabilities through safe and evidence-based medicine.

Who takes part?

Synchrony Symposia featurs presentations from leading scientists
and clinicians in the field, from Mayo Clinic to Stanford, from Europe to UCSF. In addition to talks on the latest autism research and clinical findings, our symposia also included round tables on a wide range of topics.

Clinicians and scientists participated in Research Roundtables (2019)

Ground-breaking talks across 7 days (2020)

Attendees from around the world (2020)

Watched conference stream online (2019)

Clinicians attended CME training (2019)

Parents, caregivers and providers attended Public Day talks (2019)

Synchrony Sponsors

Why it matters

Synchrony is the first and only international symposium on translational research in autism, that brings together academia, biotech, pharmaceutical companies and venture partners from around the world with the mission to improve health and quality of life of people with autism.

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