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Our Vision

Our vision is health, independence and well-being for every person on the planet with neurological conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support translational research that will lead to the development of FDA-approved treatments and an improved standard of care for co-morbidities in individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

On The Spectrum

Autism is a heterogeneous landscape. Each person with the diagnosis is unique, as is the cluster of attributes and abilities they possess.

Autism is everything. From thinking differently to struggling constantly. From living independently to requiring continuous care.

The aim of the Brain Foundation is to support research to better understand and treat the biological co-morbidities that can accompany ASD- seizures, GI symptoms, anxiety, allergies- so that each person with autism can lead a healthy life.

Our Approach:

ASD plus co-morbid conditions = ASD+

We see the desperate need for radically new thinking to take on the challenge of treating ASD’s serious co-morbidities.

Brain Foundation seeks to do better for individuals with ASD+ and their families by providing an open space for multi-disciplinary science symposia and working groups, tools for easier collaboration and access to resources to fund the whitespace in autism research. We believe a total reassessment of existing paradigms will create a context for accelerated results.

All Inclusive

Our approach to funding medical research will always be informed by the voices of individuals at every level of the autism spectrum, their families, clinicians and an esteemed Board of Scientific Advisors from leading medical research institutions.

It also reflects an evolving view of health, happening at the intersection of IT and biology, which is accelerating answers for many complex health conditions.

Current Funded Research



By fundraising for the Brain Foundation, you are helping all these individuals experience optimal outcomes. Let us help ensure well-being, independence and quality of live for all.

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