Synchrony 2022 Roundtable Publication: Epilepsy and Seizures in Autism


We are happy to share that a summary paper has been published on Synchrony Symposia 2022 SEIZURES IN AUTISM Roundtable, one of the four discussions that took place during the event that focused on some of the most difficult and unsolved problems in Autism Spectrum Disorder. It was the first publication to appear in the Journal of Personalized Medicine MDPI as part of their Special Issue Autism Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy.

Epilepsy and seizures in individuals with autism tend to be more severe and difficult to treat as compared to those in typically developing individuals. Dr. Richard Frye, MD, Ph.D., President of the Autism Discovery and Treatment Foundation, chaired the roundtable. The selected experts gave presentations, and time was also devoted to discussing important knowledge gaps, input from parents regarding unmet needs, and case presentations from physicians and parents to illustrate some of the most difficult cases.

We thank the authors of this paper, researchers and clinicians for participating in Seizures in Autism roundtable: Richard E. Frye, Heer Nanda, Samuel Pleasure, Manuel Casanova, Richard Boles, Jeffrey David Lewine, John Gaitanis and James B. Adams.

Frye RE, Nanda H, Pleasure SJ, Casanova MF, Boles RG, Lewine J, Gaitanis J, Adams JB. Synchrony 2022: Epilepsy and Seizures in Autism Spectrum Disorder Roundtable. Journal of Personalized Medicine. 2023; 13(3):557.

Synchrony Symposia brings together both basic and clinical sciences from both academia and industry to expedite the translation of autism research, not only from bench to bedside but also from the developmental stages in academia to commercialization in industry. Physicians are able to take advantage of CME-accredited training to bring this knowledge to the fingertips of physicians who interact with patients every day. This international conference provides a forum for world-renowned scientists and companies to share their research on developing FDA-approved treatments for autism and other developmental disabilities.






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