BRAIN Foundation Research Agenda

Our Goal

The goal of the BRAIN Foundation is to catalyze scientific research that can improve the quality of life for those with neurological disorders and developmental disabilities through safe and evidence-based medicine.

We enable over $1M in research funding every year, in the following areas:

Developing biomarkers

Developing biological biomarkers to improve diagnostics and measuring of the effects of treatments.

Treatment trials

Clinical treatment trials in order to increase the scientific evidence for treatment of autism.

Cellular-level differences

Constructing a biobank of organoids to illuminate biological differences in autism vs controls.

Immunity in autism

Funding studies to characterize altered immune response in autism.

Gut dysfunction in autism

Studies to characterise GI pathology in autism. Exploring diagnostic and treatment strategies.

Bridging the gap

Initiatives to increase access to care, bridging the gap between research, clinical care, and technology through outreach physician programs.

Are you a researcher or a clinical practitioner with interest in the above areas?
See here on how to apply for BRAIN research funding

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