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A Crisis Within a Crisis: What is Happening to People with Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Ukraine

Our interview with Yuliia Klepets, Mom of an adult with autism and executive director of VGO Coalition.

No way out

Evacuating or fleeing to neighboring countries has not been an option, especially for disabled adults with chronic health conditions, mobility challenges, lack of transportation, or inability to cope with a 28-hour train ride packed with 20 people standing in one compartment.

While women and children got priority evacuation, people with disabilities did not despite the ratification of Article 11 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by both Ukraine and Russia.

Lack of accessibility

Most bomb shelters are not accessible for people with disabilities, so they have no choice but to continue staying in unsafe locations wherever they are.

Severe shortage

Severe lack of food, hygiene products, medications, and doctors which is leading to deteriorating health.

Abandoned or forgotten

Those living in residential care homes have no support staff left or have had their facilities destroyed due to bombing and moved into overflowing hospitals with limited supplies.

This desperate situation is described by Yuliia Klepets, VGO Coalition Ukraine, and mother of an adult daughter with autism and intellectual disability.

Who will receive the donated funds

100% of funds collected will be sent to VGO Coalition, a network of 118 Ukrainian local non-governmental organizations for persons with intellectual disabilities representing about 14 thousand families from all the regions of Ukraine.

They will be used to procure food, hygiene products, medications, and pay for accessibility supports and personal assistance.

You can follow updates from them on Facebook here.

Every single dollar will go where it is needed

In Yuliia Klepets’s words “Parents are extremely grateful even for those small amounts, to anyone who can help and donate. Because even that amount will help us to stay on the surface for some time“. (Watch the full interview with Yuliaa above)

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