Industry Spotlight: MARABio Systems

About MARABio Systems

MARABio Systems Inc. is a northern California based autism-oriented specialty company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative testing products for autism based on work by the scientific founder from the UC Davis MIND Institute, Dr. Judy Van de Water. MARABio’s products identify and counsel prospective mothers, or mothers who have had a child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), who are at increased risk of bearing a second child with an ASD.

Further, the MARABio test will vastly improve the early diagnosis and initiation of therapy for children with ASD. Early behavioral intervention therapy is widely recognized to have a positive impact on quality of life for individuals with autism. Ultimately, knowing if a child has autoantibody related autism (MARA) may help therapists tailor their intervention approaches for better outcomes in the future.

The company does not offer the test during pregnancy.

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MARABio Systems at BRAIN Synchrony Symposium