Industry Spotlight: JelikaLite

About JelikaLite

JelikaLite is a medical technology company with focus on pediatric neurological health using non-invasive novel therapies. It was launched by a group of medical researchers and practitioners specializing in psychology, neurology and phototherapy.

JelikaLite is developing a system called Cognilum that combines a home-based therapeutic wearable device, which applies near-infrared light therapy and records physical measurements with an intelligent AI platform. It provides personalization through data collection, analysis and reporting to improve a child’s autism symptoms through gains in communication and daily living skills.

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JelikaLite’s therapeutic device for autism granted FDA Breakthrough Designation

JelikaLite has received breakthrough device designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Cognilum System, a wearable, non-invasive therapeutic medical device is designed to reduce autism symptoms in paediatric patients aged two to six years.

It is a data-device integrated system that provides neurostimulation treatment in combination with an artificial intelligence (AI) personalisation platform.

The system is intended to reduce anxiety as well as improve speech and responsiveness in children with autism.

Data from a pilot study suggests that the wearable device can significantly improve symptoms.

If approved, the device will provide families with a home-based, cost-effective and easy-to-use treatment for children with this disorder.

JelikaLite at BRAIN Synchrony Symposium

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