Markita Landry, PhD

University of California, Berkeley


Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Dr. Landry Lab’s work develops synthetic bio-mimetic nanocomposites to impart control over nanomaterial interactions with biological systems for two applications: 1) to exploit the intrinsic nanomaterial infrared fluorescence for molecular imaging, and 2) to exploit the highly tunable chemical and physical properties of nanomaterials for targeted delivery of biological cargoes.

The importance of monitoring neurotransmission is relevant to our understanding of neuropsychiatric disease, in which ‘neurochemical imbalances’ are at the core of many psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders such as depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and social autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Landry’s lab develops optical probes for neuromodulators such as dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and oxytocin.

BRAIN Funded Projects

Studying the role of oxytocin in social attachment with near-infrared oxytocin nanosensors

Project’s aims: to develop a tool for real-time imaging of oxytocin to study its role in social behaviors; to ddress the lack of spatial and temporal resolution in existing oxytocin imaging tools

Selected Publications

Nishitani, S., Tran, T., Puglise, A., Yang, S., Landry, M.P. Engineered Glucose Oxidase-Carbon Nanotube Conjugates for Tissue-Translatable Glucose Nanosensors. *Featured Frontispiece Cover* Angewandte Chemie (2023)

Yang, S.J., O’Donnell J.T., Giordani, F., Beyene, A., Piekarski, D., Schaffer, D.‡, Landry, M.P. Synaptic scale dopamine disruption in Huntington’s Disease model mice imaged with near infrared catecholamine nanosensors. bioRxiv (2023)

Sorooshyari, S., Ouassil, N., Yang, S., Landry, M.P. Identifying Neural Signatures of Dopamine Signaling with Machine Learning. ACS Chemical Neuroscience (2023)

Navarro, N., Jeong, S., Ouassil, N., Mun, J., Leem, E., Landry, M.P. Near Infrared Nanosensors Enable Optical Imaging of Oxytocin with Selectivity over Vasopressin in Acute Mouse Brain Slices. bioRxiv (2022)

Ledesma, F., Ozcan, B., Sun, X., Medina, S.M., Landry, M.P Nanomaterial Strategies for Delivery of Therapeutic Cargoes. Advanced Functional Materials (2021)

O’Donnell, J.T., Mun, J., Delevich, K.‡, Landry, M.P. Synthetic nanosensors for imaging neuromodulators. Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2021)

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