the brain foundation, a 501c3 non-profit presents

synchrony 2019

International Symposium on Translational Research in Autism

Nov.8-10 Pleasanton, California

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To enable multi-disciplinary collaboration, and make the voices of individuals with autism and autism families heard, we organize Synchrony, an annual symposium on translational research in autism. 

Synchrony connects autism researchers with donors, foundations that fund research, clinicians, individuals with autism and their families to help translate research efforts into evidence-based treatments for autism and its co-morbidities.

 Synchrony 2019, the inaugural conference will be held November 8-10 2019  in Pleasanton, California. We have organized this symposium as a three-day event. 

The first two Research Days are by invitation. Leading researchers will present on key topics in autism research, followed by round tables with multi-disciplinary participation that will discuss key issues. The goal for the research roundtables is two-fold. First, we want to facilitate collaboration between researchers, clinicians and parent advocates on key issues that can only be fully answered through multidisciplinary collaboration. We hope to create connections between researchers that lasts well beyond these few days. Second, we want to identify the multi-disciplinary research agenda required to address these issues. We will work with like-minded research foundations, private donors and corporate sponsors to help fund awards to support this type of innovative research. 

The third day is open to the public and will feature presentations on evidence-based interventions that will be open to the public.